Blythe moved to an apartment that is close to the [Pet Shop|Littlest Pet Shop] that is going to be out of business. So she meets [and Whittany Biskit|Brittany and Whittany Biskit] who say her clothes are lame and ask if she wants them to buy new clothes for her. But she declines because she has a lot of unpacking to do. Before she goes to the apartment, they got upset because she said "no". After they left, Blythe found a dumbwaiter behind a painting which she uses and goes down to the Littlest Pet Shop. When she used it for the first time, she accidentally had a blow to the head but wasn't hurt. She met all six pets and after [Trent|Zoe]'s song, she thought the shop is haunted, so she took off screaming. Later, when Blythe met a dog, he talked to her, commenting on her crazy behavior. She got so frightened that she ran back to the apartment.
Blythe wasn't sure why she could talk to animals all of a sudden. They explain that the Pet Shop is closing and they need her help since she's the only human so far who can understand them. Blythe is momentarily interrupted when she sees how cool Zoe looks with one of her sketchbook pictures.

After Russell points to Blythe out that he and the other pets will have to be shipped to Largest Ever Pet Shop if she can't save the pet shop from closing, Blythe agrees to help them out.

In revenge, Brittany and Whittany have a plan to humiliate Blythe while she has a plan to avoid closing the Littlest Pet Shop for having a fashion show. As they disguise as cats, [Jones|Jasper Jones] told Blythe that all the posters said "come and get free money" Mrs. Twombly said there is no free money. The audience is about to leave, but the fashion show begins, prompting them to watch. After it ends, Blythe is supposed to take a bow but Russell finds out that the Biskit twins' plot. So he scares them and the Biskit twins embarrass themselves, before running away. The next day [Twombly|Mrs. Twombly] has a sale for a very special pet fashion clothing line called: Blythe Style! Blythe is happy that the Littlest Pet Shop is not closing.

As revealed in Season 4 episode 1, [Tortoise and the Heir|The Tortoise and the Heir], Blythe's mother is [Baxter|Lauren Baxter], a woman with the ability to talk to pets who it can be assumed Blythe inherited her ability from. Julie McNally Cahill, the creator of the show, revealed that her mother died when she was very young.