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Buttercream Sundae is a hyperactive rabbit who first appeared in Episode 15 of Littlest Pet Shop. She is the pet to Blythe's BFF Youngmee. All of the pets immediately got attached to her zany personality and liked her right away. She was the pet who built a secret tunnel that would help all of them travel to the store next door where Youngmee and her aunt would now be working. When somebody says "What?" she begins to stomp her hind-paw along with twisting her ears together. This is likely a tic, as she seems unaware she is doing it. When she speaks next, she always begins with, "Anywho..." She loves sweets although she and the other pets end up running away when Blythe tries to give them each an icingpop following their adventure in the sweet shop. She shows up every now and then in the series.

Buttercream Sundae's appearence and outfits

Her ears are brown on the top with 3 circle-like shapes. She wears a pink mint bow next to her right ear. She has green eyes. Her fur is yellow. If she had hair, it would be light brown. She has a brown spot on her right eye. She has brown on her toes, just like her ears with the circles.

In "The Sweet Shop" song, Buttercream wears a brown puffy wig with two pink mint hair ribbons in the curls. She also wears a blue dress with her outfit.




  • When she says something nobody understands, her  eyes twirls ears and thumps foot, calms down with a sigh and downed ears and says "Aaanywhoo!"
  • Her owner is Youngmee Song's Aunt Christie.