Esteban Banderas
Esteban banderas by fercho262-d6e7e85
Some attributes
First Species: Parrot
Second Gender: Male
Third Body: White, red, green and blue
Other attributes
Fourth Eyes: Yellow
Fifth Debut: Blythe's Crush
Sixth Voiced by: Sam Vincent

Esteban Marion Banderas was a parrot who stayed at the Littlest Pet Shop's daycare in the episode Blythe's Crush. He was voiced by Sam Vincent.


When Esteban arrived at the Pet Shop, he quickly won over most of the pets with a story about how he saved his home village from bandits. The only pet who didn't believe him was Vinnie, who later researched Esteban on a computer, learning that his story wasn't true.

Esteban convinced Vinnie not to tell the others, explaining that storytelling was the only talent he had.