Scout Kerry
Scout kerry by fercho262-d5wdqzk
Some attributes
First Species: Siamese Cat
Second Gender: Female
Third Body: Tan
Other attributes
Fourth Eyes: Blue
Fifth Debut: Books and Covers
Sixth Voiced by: Kathleen Barr

Scout Kerry is a siamese cat who appeared in Books and Covers. She was voiced by Kathleen Barr.


When Scout first arrived at Littlest Pet Shop, she hissed at the pets, then climbed a cat toy and started shredding its price tag. The pets were suspicious of Scout, mostly because of her trenchcoat-wearing owner. When they saw Scout eyeing Mrs. Twombly, they believed she was a spy sent from Largest Ever Pet Shop to sabotage the store. After being kept away from Mrs. Twombly all day, Scout asked the pets what they were doing. After hearing their suspicions, she revealed that she had just wanted Mrs. Twombly's newspaper, as she enjoyed shredding things.

Despite the fact that she appears to be a Siamese cat, she isn't very vocal, unlike the rest of her breed.