Sunil Nevla
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Some attributes
First Species: Mongoose
Second Gender: Male
Third Episode Debut: Blythe's Big Adventure
Other attributes
Fourth Voiced By: Peter New

Sunil Nevla is a cute little blue mongoose magician who appears in the 2012 Hub TV series "Littlest Pet Shop." His special talent is magic, but a lot of his tricks need a little work. He is the tallest out of Vinnie and Russell


From the Hub's website: Want to make something disappear? Then Sunil is your man, um, mongoose. Sunil loves putting on a magic show and sometimes his tricks actually work... well, sometimes.

Sunil Nevla's appearence and outfits

He has baby blue fur on his body. He has yellow eyes and very light blue colors in the stomach, forehead and nose area. He also has a tiny pink nose. He has dark blue stripes on his back.

In Blythe's fashion show Sunil wears a blue and green raincoat with a matching rainhat and an umbrella.

At the ball Sunil wears a green sweat shirt with a black cape attaching itself around the sweat shirt with a gold clasp resembling a cobra.

In the sweet shop song Sunil wears a cute red and white chef outfit with a macthing hat filled with candy.

In episode 19 Sunil wears a white nurse costume with a matching hat and some redish pink blush.


Despite being an "unbelievable coward," he can be a brave hero in the presence of cobras (whether real or imaginary). Blythe Baxter and Russell Ferguson use his hate for cobras to rescue all the pets, who are trapped in the Largest Ever Pet Shop in "Gailbreak!," despite him refusing to enter the pet shop previously. This is most likely due to the fact that mongooses and cobras are natural enemies and often fight each other. Also shown in this episode is his ability to hypnotize, which he uses on the Biskit Twins in order to save the pets (with the help of Blythe and Russell). It is currently unknown if this works on other pets.

In the episode "Blythe's Crush," it is shown that he has psychic abilities. He uses these skills to track down Blythe's location through Downtown City, although the pets constantly interrupt and go to the wrong places. Eventually, he confesses to not having psychic abilities at all, despite whether or not he really did possess the power.